hotel buyout

This option is perfect for wedding groups, retreats, birthday parties… or any other occasion that desires an intimate, yet spacious environment to be together, privately, in the center of town. It’s like your Own Personal Hotel.

With 8 guest rooms + 9 private restrooms, the buyout sleeps 17 guests total. The lounge and courtyard become your exclusive event space for an additional 50 people for receptions, happy hours, brunches, photoshoots or even small ceremonies on the courtyard.


buyout FAQs


how far in advance can we book

You can book indefinitely in the future for the buyout as oppose to events and individual bookings, in which case you can only book 6 months out.

can we bring our own food and booze

Yes, Fun fact: Mike’s Westport delivers all day long

What are the dimensions of the Lounge and Courtyard areas

Lounge: 43’ Long x 11’ Wide = 576 sf

Courtyard: 50’ Long x 12’ Wide = 772 sf

Turf area on the courtyard: 24’ long x 12’ Wide

how does payment happen

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Do you have any internal or external signage for directing guests

There is wayfinding within the space to guide visitors to their rooms, the lounge, and the courtyard

Will we have our own entry code? When does that code change

Yes, you will have a personal code generated and emailed to you a week before check in. This will give you access to both exterior doors and all the guestrooms. If you would like unique codes for each room please let us know a week ahead of time.

Is there a minimum amount of nights required?

es, two night minimum stay Friday & Saturday, and one night minimum Sunday-Thursday.

Do you have sound equipment and Are there noise restrictions

There is surround sound in the lounge, 2 speakers on the courtyard, and an ipad that’s connected to Spotify. Feel free to make a playlist beforehand to play, otherwise the No Vacancy Playlist will play by default. Additionally, there’s a record player for the vinyl lovers. There’s no noise restrictions!

what counter space is there

There’s a kitchenette in the lounge with counter space and a peninsula, there’s a 12 foot outdoor bar top, and 3 of the guest rooms also have kitchenettes.

what is the cancellation policy

Cancellation beyond 180 days of arrival results in a full refund

Cancellation between 90-180 days of arrival results in a 70% refund.

Cancellation within 30-90 days of arrival results in a 50% refund (or rescheduling for a later date within 1 year at which point there would be no cancellation policy)

Cancellation within 30 days of arrival results in no refund

what are the hours of the reservation

Check in 4pm, check out 11am. Early check-in (2pm) or late check-out (1pm) are available for a fee of $500 each during the checkout process.

Can we come back again beforehand to measure and make notes

Yes! Happy to coordinate a follow up visit for you to take another look.

Can we access the alley door

Absolutely. It’s a convenient way to enter the heart of West 18th Street

The gives you access to all 8 guestrooms, sleeping up to 16 of your favorite people. Each room is equipped with a private, spa inspired bath.

is there a contract

There’s a kitchenette in the lounge with counter space and a peninsula, there’s a 12 foot outdoor bar top, and 3 of the guest rooms also have kitchenettes.

do you have a preerred catering company

Nope, whatever wets your whistle.

how much does it cost

$3000 per night + a one time cleaning fee of $400 and accommodation tax of just over 9%

Do you provide rental chairs, tables, tents?

If you need additional equipment, we encourage you to link up with a party equipment rental company to drop off any pick up exactly what you need

Can we bring decorations and flowers

Totally. We ask that you don’t bring glitter or confetti!

can we schedule a tour

Come take a look around and see if No Vacancy is a good fit for your occasion. We will be happy to chat about how to make the most out of your celebration and answer any questions or curiosities that come up. We kindly request that you wear a mask upon entering!

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